Facade Cleaning

Monuments and listed building facades reflect the history of centuries. Unfortunately most of these magnificent buildings look unsightly over time.

The cleaning of masonry facades, whether of stone, brick or terrracotta, is the most visible aspect of building conservation work. When it isn’t carried out correctly, it has the capacity to cause damage either immediately, while cleaning is in progress, or over a period of time after the restoration work has been completed.

The cleaning of building facades can be an important aspect of the conservation process by restoring the rich architectural heritage and the preservation of the character of these buildings.

In certain cases, cleaning does not only improve the appearance of the streetscene but it can also be a vital measure of proper maintenance, which contributes to the ‘health’ and preservation of old buildings.

CRL Restoration does not recommend indiscriminate cleaning of all old buildings. We are fully aware that the natural ageing of facades gives old buildings a dignified visual maturity which is often as valuable as any other element of their historic appearance. Even in case where ageing reveals marks of ‘abrupt’ change or old periods of neglect, cleaning is not necessarily recommended but may be appropriate, subject to specialist advice. Unfortunately however, there are many cases where natural or ‘man-caused’ soiling and staining are clearly detracting from a building’s character or even disfiguring an historic building or area. Where such cases can be established, we consider that facade cleaning can be a necessary part of good maintenance and an important measure of restoration.

The suitability of cleaning methods and procedures in respect of individual cases can only be confirmed by on-site inspections and trials on all the substrate and soiling types that may exist on a specific building.

CRL Restoration have the expertise and ability to assess what is required, carry out the trials, submit recommendations and expertly perform the cleaning required.

CRL Restoration are Stonehealth approved.

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